Flexible modules for
Sharepoint and Office 365

What is RePoint?

RePoint is a set of modules that offers you a strong starting point to work from which is both easy to use and easy to maintain.

“RePoint adds usability to your SharePoint and Office 365 portal”

With RePoint, you do not re-program your SharePoint or Office 365 portal – you just add modules that are easy to use.

RePoint Panorama

An userfriendly app search with build in navigation for an easy overview of all the organizations Office 365 work areas


RePoint Project

A complete project management solution. RePoint Project helps you get the most out of SharePoints collaboration features without spending resources on programming custom features


RePoint Design

Get a customized look on your company portal and ensure better user adoption. RePoint Design offers a responsive template to achieve a professional look aligned to the design guidelines of your company


RePoint News

Get news and announcements categorized and distributed to your employees. RePoint News makes it easy for the users to create news items and publish these to one or more channels


RePoint Employees

Easy access to search information about other people. RePoint Employees provides a central list with information about your colleagues. Perfect for internal phone list, birthdays and anniversaries


RePoint Infoscreen

Display information from SharePoint on your info screens. RePoint Infoscreen consists of configurable pages which can be cycled through with updated information from lists, libraries and sites